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by Dying Pharaohs

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Messed Up 01:25
You’re telling everyone that I’m gonna fail You think I’m gonna throw in the towel You hope and pray everyday that I’ll give up You want see me in a rut cause you’re so messed up My door is shut Stay out of my face Cause you’re such a disgrace to the human race You wish that I would stop You tell me I’m not good enough You say that i am dumb And now you’ve shunned
See Ya Later 02:11
You're a beta The number one playa hater See ya later And now your gonna meet your maker You feeling scared-a You watch as it fades to black-a Now you shake-a You cant stop throwin' shade-a Me again I have to say I hate all of these skeptics getting in my way These lowlifes all claim they're great But when they look in the mirror they flip into a rage They wanna hold me back and lie to my face and say that I'm nothing And that I'm wasting my time They don't wanna see me get ahead in life They wanna see me collapse They wanna see my demise Unfortunately for them that won't happen They're focused on me It's an atrocity they can't see what they're doing They’re so lost and they keep pursuing Trying to collect information on my situation I need liberation To get away from all these thieves They're trying to destroy me Why cant they just let me be? Now i cant even sleep I feel so unhappy I'm losing energy
Conflicts 01:27
I'm so sick of all of these games All the hatred surrounding me It's such a shame they have to be this way Slandering my name to my dismay Gossiping and lying Saying I'm insane Trying to destroy my life with a cloak and scythe Starting conflicts and fights Everyday its not right I'm just trying to live my life Please get out of my sight Leave me alone cause I'm in the zone I don’t wanna know you Please just go away from me and bother somebody else Cause your a narcissist and you’re an empty shell You’ve got no emotions No empathy You say I'm crazy and say I'm so mean I’m focused on myself I don't care about you. Get away from me cause I'm not in the mood
100mph 03:00
Days go by and they despise me They hate that I'm alive They wanna see me die They want me to fail and ring the bell And throw in the towel They’re living in hell They cast all their spells And gossip and lie about me behind my back I'm under attack They keep talking smack They slander my name They betray me cause they're lazy They act like they’re my friend but in the end They say I'm crazy and say I’m a freak When I'm not around they put me down These clowns spread their lies And they hate the sound of Dying Pharaohs But thats ok They cant destroy me They’re trying hard everyday They threw their lives away To target me and stalk me Cause they’re cowards and when they're confronted they act so sour They run from me at 100 miles per hour
Demise 02:29
Welcome to my life I'm just trying to survive All the pain and the strife It cuts me like a knife They’re trying to take me down like crabs in a bucket I feel so bound Sometimes i shout out loud I feel so alone in the danger zone I’ve got no home I've got nowhere to go Roaming the streets Sidewalk on my feet I can't even sleep They wanna see me weep They spread all of their lies about me every time They see their so called friends so they can try to ruin my life They wanna see my demise They've got no lives They focus so much on mine I'm back again with another rhyme I’ve got so much time I saw all the signs All the red flags i’m running away I don’t want to be your prey you keep throwing shade Slandering my name trying to defame me you hate my music You make me sick You’ve got so much pain within You’ve got no friends You’re life is so miserable You’ve got a head like a hole You spend all your time stalking me and talking trash Why cant you see? That's not the way to be You better change your ways before its too late You keep spreading your hate I won't take your bait
Shunned 01:31
You laugh in my face cause you rejected me You call me ugly and say I'm too lame I just wanted to be part of the group Part of the crew but now I'm through you excluded me from your society I'm on my own and I feel so free I'm glad you didn't want me I wont cry or sob I'm gonna be a success I wont stop until I reach the top I wont flop I’ll keep fighting on I won’t quit this job I felt so oppressed Surrounded by the mob All the fake friends and all of the slobs I'm a reject but thats ok I've got so much energy inside me to fight I’ll prove to all of you that i’m alright You say I’m worthless but I’m high as a kite And I feel so fresh you’ve got all bark and no bite You rejected me from your society Didn't want anything to do with me You rejected me from your society Didn't want anything to do with me
No Ambition 02:01
It's a sign of the times Theres no reason no rhyme For your hatred towards me It makes no sense It has to be narcissism Cause you say I'm crazy but you’re the one thats lazy I make you feel a certain type of way You get so angry and you have to say that im a loser And you claim I'm on drugs But I'm clean and sober And you are a hater whose got no ambitions You focus on me Why cant you live your life? Leave me alone and stop talking about me Behind my back when I'm not around You’re such a clown You keep falling down. Change your ways before its too late You’re feeling so ashamed Cause you know what you’re doing to me and others You hate yourself why don't you shut your mouth and sit down


released December 20, 2022

Produced by Nate Pizano


all rights reserved



Dying Pharaohs San Jose, California

Dying Pharaohs is an electronic musician from San Jose, California.

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